bubble tea bar


I call it Boba, you call it Bubble.

They are both trending.

It's all about #bobalife


Our Bubble Tea or "Boba" Tea is made from loose leaf tea with a family recipe originally from Hong Kong that has been brewing in Seattle for over 17 years.


Original Black Milky Tea

Jasmine Milky Tea or Taro (Purple)

(75 person minimum)


Your fun team will know about chewy "Boba" or Tapioca Pearls which we loving place in the bottom of the cup and pour ice and Milky Tea over to create a crisp, refreshing after or before meeting drink.


Made with organic sugar.

Boba is made with Rice flour and is free of Gluten.

Tea is dairy-free and made without milk.


Included: Original Black and Jasmine Milky Tea with Boba

Included: Boba / Tapioca pearls

Included: Cups & lids, Bubble Tea straws, Napkins

Included: Delivery, Set-up, Catered, Clean-up

Included: Mass smiles created



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