Our story

It all started when…

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Hi. My name is Carl. 

This all started with my love for ice cream and all things sweet.

Lots of memories of family meals with dessert as the main course and us kids going with my family to Swensen’s Ice Cream on Hyde Street in San Francisco. It started with my first lick of Sticky Chewy Chocolate. Man, I was totally ruined after that.

After moving to the Seattle area, my beloved Annabelle & I, started our first business & corporate catering as Baskin Robbins Franchisees.

We had amazing family support, worked lots of hours, and put in some hard-work. We had the privilege to meet tons of amazing people and loved our staff.

After awhile, a few companies started to notice the service and Aloha spirit we brought to their corporate events. I wish I could claim our success on my marketing prowess, but it was really all of you, our loyal customers and fans,  who were the admins, receptionists, and personal assistants to the C level administrators that got us started.

After a few years of corporate catering ice cream socials, I started to ask my customers, what else we could bring them in addition to ice cream.

They spoke. I listened.

BOOM! Now here we are with 5 different fun events, to engage their teams and guests.