hot cocoa bar & dunker cookies

It's a Three-way tie. Mexican Hot Cocoa with Cinnamon and Spices, Dark Chocolate or Peppermint candy. It's all Good! (75 person minimum)


INCLUDED: Black insulated containers filled with real milk.

INCLUDED: Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Candy Canes, Red Hots & Toffee, Chocolate and Rainbow Sprinkles, Syrups, Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla,  Almond Milk and 2% Chocolate Milk, mini-marshmallows, Graham Crackers. Ask about Mexican Hot Chocolate. Ask about Dippers and Dunker cookies and fun add to your event.

INCLUDED: Dunker cookies to gnosh

INCLUDED: Staff to cater event

INCLUDED: Delivery, set-up, tear-down

INCLUDED: Outdoor Camp inspired decorations or Classic with Black Linen

INCLUDED: 2 hours of serving time

AVAILABLE - 10' x 10' white tent, with 6 ft. tables and table coverings - $60 rental fee


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